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Get in touch with HSI Solar today to connect with our knowledgeable team members. They can offer valuable advice and guidance on leveraging onsite renewable energy for your business.

A worker is installing solar panels
How it works

Our Process

Our process aims to help guide you to a well-informed decision about the implementation of an onsite renewable energy system. At HSI Solar, we believe in transparent communication with our customers. If a system isn't right for you, we'll be the first to let you know.


We meet with you to explain the benefits of onsite renewable energy and learn more about your business.


Our design team will request information about your system needs (ex. prior electric bill) and review the location of your system.



We design an energy solution and evaluate the financial forecast specific to your project to better inform your decision.

Contract Meeting

We present our reasoning for, or against, the development of a system (note: we'll be the first to tell you if it's not right for you).


Our finance team applies for available incentives and secures other funding to cover development costs.


Build & Run

Our operations team leads the implementation of and maintenance on your system ensuring quality construction and ongoing effectiveness.

Talk with an HSI expert

We prioritize understanding our customers to deliver turnkey energy solutions. Whether you have a question about our implementation process, tax implications, legal ownership structure, or grant applications, we are eager to assist you.