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At HSI Solar, our goal is to empower our customers to unlock the financial value of renewable energy.

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Panoramic photo of a combined ground mount solar and wind farm renewable energy solution in front of a mountain view.
Panoramic photo of a combined ground mount solar and wind farm renewable energy solution in front of a mountain view.
About HSI Solar

Leading the way in renewable energy

HSI Solar is a trusted provider of customized renewable energy solutions. We help our customers save money on and create value-generating systems.

Our strong relationships with manufacturers and contractors allow us to deliver a turnkey energy upgrade. Join us in embracing clean energy solutions for a brighter future.

Caption: Ground-mount solar implementation in New Paris, OH.
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Why choose HSI Solar?

We works to maximize available incentives, design a system that reduces ongoing operating expenses, address net metering attributed to overproduction, and create long-term value.

Government incentives

United States incentive and grant programs can cover up to 90% of your costs to implement a renewable energy solution.

Rising energy costs

Grid-based power costs are increasing by as much as 10% year over year. Renewable energy can reduce and stabilize your electricity bill.

Value creation

Customers are willing to pay more for products and services created with renewable energy. Show customers you’re committed to tackling climate change.

Our first service

Renewable energy implementation

HSI Solar offers a wide range of custom-tailored renewable energy implementation services to help you save money on energy costs with increased efficiency.




Energy solutions


Construction & supply chain management


Operational & management support

Our second service

Financial services

Customized financing solutions

Our strategic financial experts work side-by-side with you to find a solution for your needs.

Grants & incentive application

We identify and apply for funding to help put money back in your pocket and speed your return on investment.

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We prioritize understanding our customers to deliver turnkey energy solutions. Whether you have a question about our implementation process, tax implications, legal ownership structure, or grant applications, we are eager to assist you.